Corporation for Better Housing Residential Services

Our commitment to create communities intent on uplifting and changing lives, remains a driving force at Corporation For Better Housing.

Resident Services

All our services are provided free of charge and are voluntary. By collaborating with the local community, we can bring services onsite and make them available. 

We have already established strong relationships with both public and private entities to provide a range of opportunities to achieve this; including financial assistance, clothing, food, educational training and mentoring.

Our on-site staff works with residents, seniors, and families to address a wide variety of needs including health referrals, community action, and social services. Programs also offer economically empowering opportunities such as workforce development and career counseling, financial planning and money management, computer classes, E.S.L., and GED accredited courses. For those wishing to pursue advanced degrees or certifications, we offer scholarships to defray the additional costs.

A Sampling of Programs Offered:

  • After-School & Youth Education
  • Child care & Services
  • Computer Labs
  • Financial Empowerment
  • ESL & GED Courses
  • Senior Services

To request a detailed overview of each program, contact us directly.