Resident Services

CBH seeks to provide coordinated access and enhanced social service programs to all of its residents; providing opportunities to improve and affect the quality of their lives and living environment. CBH has worked to develop strong community collaborations, bringing services onsite and/or making them available in the local community. When developing programs, CBH staff strives to maintain its primary objective to create communities intent on uplifting and changing peoples lives. All the services are provided free of charge and are voluntary.

CBH staff provides service coordination to both seniors and families; helping individuals address their individual needs. On-site staff will work with residents and their families to address a wide variety of needs including health referrals, community action and social services. CBH has forged lasting relationships with both public and private agencies to provide a range of opportunities including: financial assistance, clothing, food, educational training and mentoring to name a few.

  • After-School Programs & Youth Education
  • Computer Labs
  • Financial Empowerment
  • ESL & GED Programs
  • Senior Services

After-School Programs & Youth Education

CBH’s after-school programs provide youth residents the opportunities to develop their scholastic and interpersonal skills in a constructive environment. After school homework programs allow adults to provide tutorial assistance to school children. Enrichment activities include Girl & Boy Scouts of America participation, intergenerational mentoring and arts & crafts.

Computer Labs

CBH’s computer labs provide software programs for both children and adults. These programs include business software, language software applications and typing courses. Courses are free of charge to all residents.

Financial Empowerment

CBH recognizes the value of empowering its residents with the tools necessary to enhance their lives. Financial empowerment allows resident to become stronger members of their community. CBH provides low income households with the opportunity to participate in courses that teach individuals and families how to better manage their money and credit effectively, regardless of income level. To support our efforts we have developed strong partnerships with Bank of America, FDIC and other financials institutions to develop practical curriculum for financial literacy training.

ESL & GED Programs

CBH also recognizes the importance of adult education and language skills. CBH has partnered with groups like FIELD to provide English as a Second Language and GED classes free of charge to all residents.

Senior Services

CBH has designed programs to enhance the lives of our seniors and help promote socialization. On-site services and partnerships with local YMCA’s and senior centers provide enrichment and activities such as computer classes, exercise classes (i.e. Silver Sneakers), day trips and social events.

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