Corporation for Better Housing Management

Our extensive experience developing and managing multifamily housing, has made us a respected leader in the affordable housing industry.

Property Management

We’ve earned our repeat business by the way we manage both our in-house teams and on-site staff. Corporation for Better Housing has on-site staff working with residents in all 60 of the developments that we own. That’s why in the communities we operate, our reputation of being collaborative is renowned.

In our goal to eradicate the “poor and unsafe living conditions” that exist in underprivileged communities today, we pride ourselves on our “boots on the ground” approach. Our management teams are fully integrated into our development process during the construction stages and remain heavily involved in the completion of every development. We are committed to being proactive (and flexible), with the challenges that come with affordable housing.

To discuss development opportunities further, please contact our offices directly.


  • 200+ Employees, with regional offices throughout California
  • 4,000 Units under management and 150 additional units in various stages of leas-up. Properties managed stretch throughout California from Sonoma County to Riverside County.
  • 61 Developments