Corporation for Better Housing Communities

Innovative design and sustainable building methods are hallmarks of CBH developments.

Our Communities

In every city and county where our apartment communities live, we developed lasting investments. Our homes feature; central heating, air conditioning, energy efficient appliances, granite countertops, patios or balconies. As well as a multi-purpose community room, learning and computer labs. We also encourage a healthy lifestyle with large open natural space, walking trails, fitness paths, basketball courts, and age-appropriate play structures. We have replaced deteriorating conditions, with rich culture and improved neighborhood dynamics. Plus, many of our latest developments offer innovative green technologies, modern design aesthetics, and energy saving functionality.

The environmentally conscious design and building methods by the various State and National Green Certification Programs we are committed to, include; the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program, the EPA’s WaterSense program, Energy Star Homes, and the Department of Energy Builders’ Challenge Program. Participation in these programs ensures the sustainability of the communities and improves the livability of the units over their lifetime.

We  provide enhanced social service programs to all our properties, by creating  opportunities to improve and affect the quality of our residents’ lives and living environment, through 7 Dimensions of Wellness: